What do you need to enjoy a comfortable way of living? Here you'll find some great ideas and resources to make your home life perfect as you want it to be and as comfy, practical and fully functional as you need it to be!

The home is the place you spend a lot of your time in, so it makes sense to create a space that you can relax and feel completely at ease and secure in without it taking on the appearance of a fortress.

You can have all the things your abode needs these days to make it a cozy and welcoming home while also being your castle.

Location, Location

Where you live can be as important as how your place looks and feels, especially if you want to enjoy a certain level of peace of mind. Some may say they can't choose where they live and have to make do with what they've got.

I like to disagree with that idea.

amazing homeIf there is anything that we humans are particularly good at, it's being able to choose what we want. Whether we then go after it or not is entirely up to the individual, but the fact remains that we do have that choice.

I could have chosen to stay where I was, living in a run-down part of town in a not particularly nice neighborhood and struggling to pay my bills. I chose to break out of the rut I was in and go live somewhere else completely different.

My friends said I was mad, I'd never sell my house and get enough profit to move to somewhere nicer, I wouldn't be able to afford it, I would hate living in another place blah, blah, blah. I also chose not to listen to them and their negativity.

Dreams, Determination and Doing

I struggled at first for sure, but I now live in a fabulous place that I'm happy to be and have made new friends and enjoy a much more relaxing and pleasant way of life.

All because I chose to follow my dream, I was determined to follow it and I went right ahead and did it!

You can too if you just stop listening to the nay-do-wells and start listening to the sound of your own voice inside your head. The only things that are impossible are the things we decide are impossible. Everything else we can do if we put our minds to it.

So if you don't like the neighborhood you live in, don't stay there! You can move if you decide you're going to no matter what and you can find a better location to flourish and grow living in a home that you feel happy and contented in.

Perfect Climate

Creating the perfect climate inside your dwelling is much easier than it used to be thanks to the recent advances made in heating and cooling technology.

Many of those advances have included raising the efficiency of climate control systems so they don't waste energy but use much more of it to produce a comfy internal climate.

We no longer need to rely on inefficient, open, coal or wood fuelled fires for our warmth. We also no longer need to rely on shading, open doors and windows and fans to keep cool.

Modern HVAC systems are efficient and capable of coping with most weather situations. However, depending upon the size of the house this kind of system is servicing, it can still be expensive to run in terms of energy consumption and dollars from the household budget.

We are therefore constantly searching for more economical ways to maintain a steady and agreeable indoor temperature that do not consume large amounts of precious and every more expensive energy.

Pleasing Décor

What does the interior of your home look like? When you walk through the front door, does the entrance space welcome you home and fill you with a sense of belonging?

Does it please you whenever you walk into your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen?

The way you decorate your living space is completely within your power to choose the way you want it to look. While we all have different budgets for bringing our special places to life, there is always something that can produce that welcoming, attractive décor that makes you feel you've done a great job or creating your space the way you want it.

Size Matters

How large or how small your home is can of course have a big influence on the kind of furnishings and accessories that you buy for it.

When you have loads of space in a large dwelling, you can usually opt for larger items and not worry about how it's all going to fit in there.

But when you live in a more compact home such as a small apartment or condo, things get a little more difficult and need planning when it comes to buying furniture to make sire it will all fit in there without making it seem cramped.

Alternatively, when you live in a larger, rural homestead out in the country, your furnishing needs will be different again.

Secure but not Overbearing

While we need a level of security to protect our property, it can be all too easy to go overboard with cameras, lights, recording equipment, gates and window bars, locks etc and create a dwelling that feels more like a high street bank than a home.

There needs to be ample security measures to deter unwanted intruders, but it also needs to be subtle enough that we don't lose the welcoming ambiance of the property.

These days, modern CCTV cameras can be very small and unobtrusive, while movement triggered lighting can look good while remaining functional and effective. A camera can be mounted on the main house or covertly on a storage shed in the yard for extra coverage of outdoor areas.

Ensuring doors and windows are securely locked is important while providing easy access for the occupant without needing to unlock an array of different locks and bolts every time they enter or leave the building.

Window and glass porch door bars are never nice looking and form a physical barrier to enjoying the property's outside space for its owner and family. Often it is better to ensure that these openings have adequate locks fitted rather than bars because if an intruder was determined to get in, they'd get through bars just as easily with the right tools.

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