What would you like to know about me and this website I write for?

For several reasons which escape me right now, I am obligated to include this page in the site so that you, the visitor may learn something about its author and what he is aiming to achieve by it. Well, let's do something about that right now.

author edwyn proseMy name is Edwyn (pictured) and my profession for the purposes of this page is primary author of this website. There. I can tell it's piqued your curiosity a little. So let's tell a little more!

This website is all about my idea of finding the best place to live, go live there and make it the best it can be. Now that's a very personal and individual idea and what is perfect for me may not necessarily be perfect or even desirable for you.

But since I'm writing the articles for this site, I get to put forward my ideas, desires, dreams and wishes about where and how I want to live. And how I made the changes I needed to make in order to get it.

The story is not a finished one by any stretch of the imagination. I found the right place, but I'm still growing as a person and aspire to greater things from life, meaning I haven't finished moving around the place, just that I need to find the best place I can when I find it.

In the meantime, I'll be writing about makng a great place to live in. I'll also be looking at what makes this or that home, street, neighborhood or town right for me and maybe you'll get some ideas for yourself from my writings. Anyone can dream but deciding to act on those dreams is what gets us the results we want.

Being Sociable

Just to show I'm actually a pretty sociable guy, I've decided it would be a pretty good idea to include a few of my social profiles here so you can take a look at some of the other aspects of me: