Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Plenty of people live in small homes that generally also have fairly small bathrooms to match. So what can you do when it comes time to remodel your smaller than average bathroom?

Well, there are plenty of really useful ideas for this. To help out here, I'm going to point you straight in the right general direction and provide you with some doable ideas for taking on a small bathroom refurbishment job.

This should get you started and with the right attitude going forward can start your creative juices to flow. That way you can add to these base thoughts and create more specific ways you can fashion the smallest room into one that suits the way you like to live.

small bathroomBathrooms tend to be the one room in most houses that are neglected when you're in a "sprucing things up" kind of mood. By taking a fresh glance at that functional, well used room, it will become obvious where changes can be made and all kinds of improvements added that can really make this a space into a place you'll enjoy using rather than just a room you simply need to use each day.

Bathroom Remodelers

Let's look at the first steps in the process. Before you begin any of the work that you need to do, it might be useful to employ a firm of local bathroom remodelers. These people are professionals at this kind of thing and they can offer you a wide range of ideas to suit your particular setting and layout.

Be sure to choose a reputable company for this. That's because you may come across some less than honest operators out there that will take your money and either deliver very little, or nothing at all.

The best way forward is to obtain recommendations from people you know and trust that have had this kind of work carried out and can personally recommend someone for the job. This is more for your peace of mind than anything else, as there's nothing worse than getting ripped off by some con merchant!

However, even without the services of professional bathroom remodelers, you cam still put your own creative flair to the test by coming up with some imaginative remodeling ideas of your own to suit your bathroom and make it more personalized and unique. So for those of you who are not afraid to use your own resourcefulness and creativity, here are some handy ideas that can get you off to a great start.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

First thing you're going to need is a big pad and a pencil. That's because you're going to draw a plan of your bathroom as it is now so you have something to work with.

You'll need to get the dimensions down accurately, so that when you go searching for units, baths, showers etc, you'll know whether they'll fit into the space you have. I cannot stress how important this step is, because if you get it wrong, there's nothing worse than having to send stuff back because you were an inch or so out and no amount of jigging and squeezing will make it fit into your space!

One way to ensure complete accuracy is to use graph paper and make sure you have measured everything precisely then measured it again for good luck. You can then get some sheets tracing paper and overlay them one at a time across your existing bathroom plan to try out different ideas and types of units.

One great idea is to make scale drawings of the units you have in mind to put in your remodeled bathroom and cut them out, so you can easily move them into different places over your base plan. Of course, if you are computer savvy, you could also use some graphic software to achieve the same result, but for most of us mere mortals, paper is best!

Ok, now to the ideas:


Look at the present layout then experiment with new ideas. Use the cut out shapes of units that you have accurately measured and see where they all fit in the best to make the most efficient use of the available space. You may find that simply by moving existing units around like this can reveal a whole load of extra space you never knew you had!

Take a good look at everything that's already in the room and then think about the features you want to have in there. What about things like heating, ventillation and maybe even cooling appliances. Note it all down for future reference.

Bath and Shower

If you have a bathtub taking up a large part of the space and its something you only ever use for taking a shower in, then this is often the biggest space saving idea when it comes to remodeling a smaller than average bathroom. Take out the bathtub and replace it with a shower stall which will usually only occupy half the space the tub took up.


If you have a radiator taking up valuable space in your small bathroom, why not have it moved so that it sits high up on the wall? This frees up some more floor space that you can use for a vanity unit, for instance.

Towel Racks

These can be mounted to make the best of the available space. A double towel rack above a radiator makes use of that otherwise unused space. Extending towel racks can be folded away when not in use. If you mount them higher than us generally done, you create even more space.


Does your door swing into your bathroom? Most do and they take up a lot of space that could be put to better use, even if it's an area of standing space where you can get dried. You could try replacing your regular door with a sliding door, which takes up almost no space at all.


If you have free standing mirrors taking up space in your bathroom, replace them with wall mirrors that not only use less space, but when placed properly can actually make the bathroom look larger than it really use, creating the feeling of more space. If you like to use a magnifying mirror, you can get them mounted on extending brackets to save even more space.


Cupboards and cabinets all take up space, depending upon where they're situated. Narrow profile, wall mounted cabinets are better than floor standing ones as they give you more floor space, plus they take up only a small amount of room, especially when sited in places such as above the sink or vanity unit, where space is not otherwise used to its best.

Well, I hope that's given you some great and useful ideas that you can take away and expand upon using your own imagination. This way, you are only limited by what you can imagine and of course what is available within your budget to buy!

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