We in the British Isles, United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand take the English language and its many idiosyncrasies for granted, since it just so happens to be our native tongue. But what about the overwhelming majority of people who live in this world who only speak it as a second language?

We tend to forget that we are in the minority by several billion! The global reach of Hollywood coupled with the old British Empire has or had much to do with the spread of our language to places that don't natively speak or understand it.

respectBut here we are in the twenty first century with global communications the best they've ever been and a multitude of different languages to decipher yet many have learned this one tongue as an addition to their own in order to be able to communicate with us and others of different counties with a common language.


This page and this section of the site is devoted to things related to the need for a central language that many can use as a focus to enable cross-understanding by more people than ever. When people can communicate, they can understand one another, become friends and have respect for each other.

When people have respect for each other, they are less likely to find reasons to dislike each other and start wars. A peaceful world is a much better place for all to live in, so in some ways it could be argued that the spread of the English language globally has done much to help reduce the propensity to engage in hostilities between nations that embrace it.

Without wanting to get into politics, it looks very simple to me for everyone to just stop finding reasons to hate each other and put all that energy into finding reasons to love each other!

Without getting into religion, I'll just not bother saying anything on the subject because it just fires up something in people where they start to want to find reasons to start hating!

All the Same

We're all human beings at the end of the day, whether we look a little different from each other or like or dislike different things. Inside, we're all made up of the same bones, internal organs, muscle, fat, skin and blood. It's our minds that go off in different directions, but with some work, even that can be made into a positive thing.

But now I'm going off at a tangent and I need to stay on track in this part of the site. Which I will do as I publish more articles in here.

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